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Contact Form for Blogger

Blogger does not include the default option to install a widget or a code to generate a contact form through which visitors to your blog to send requests, suggestions, comments or just congratulate you for your work.
However, it is always the option to use external tools.
All these free services can help you to create and install a contact form in Blogger

FormSpring - Works to be included in a post in the HTML editing mode

123 Contact Form - A link to located on 123Contact Form or you can copy and paste your post in order to integrate them directly.

Kontactr - A JavaScript its deal for pasting into your Blogger post.

My Contact Form - The 14 steps to complete, click on "Get HTML" to get code and paste blogger post in HTML mode.

Pow Page Contact Us -Form is not as embedded in the page, but it appears a text link to click on and go to form, best option to insert on the sidebar.

EmailMe Form - You'll find a code to add a link that points to the contact form generated, or click on "Get the HTML Code" and get the code to insert directly into your site.
Need help, just leave a comment.


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