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How to Print your Blogger Posts

To notify your readers that your posts can be printed effectively, you'll probably want to add a "Print" link beneath each of your Blogger posts.

Follow steps

1. Log in Blogger Dashboard

2. Click Layout --> edit HTML --> click "expand widget templates" and search for this tag

3. Immedietly before this line, add the following lines of code:

<style media='print' type='text/css'>
#header-wrapper, #header, .header, #sidebar-wrapper, .sidebar, #footer-wrapper, #footer, .date-header, .post-meta-data, .comment-link, .comment-footer, #blog-pager, #backlinks-container, #navbar-section, .subscribe_notice, .noprint {display: none;}
#main-wrapper {width: 95%}
4. Now search for this code:
5. Immediately after this line, paste following lines of code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<a href='javascript:window.print()'>Print this post</a>
6. Save Template.

If you need help, just leave a comment.


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