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Solution for blogger XML error BX-bliced messages after upload new templates

Update* Before you start, please read this carefully.

First - Don't edit any template that you download from my site, because I did it, all templates here are edited - tested - published, so all works.

Second - If you want to upload a template that isn't in my blog, then try to follow steps below.

Third - If you don't success you then ask [contact me] me to do it.

What to do:

1. Download the template you want to upload

2. Get the XML file and open in a WordPad (right click --> Open With --> WordPad).

3. “Ctrl + F” and in the search box type widget id

4. In every widget line it will display something like this : , replace that number for a any other one.
Example, if the widget says 1, erases it and place number 2 instead.
So you will have something like this now:

5. Do this to all widgets you find in you XML code. When you finish SAVE(Press CTRL+S)

6. Go to Blogger --> Layout --> HTML

7. Upload --> Preview / Save

Done! Enjoy it.

Tip: Rather than changing the number '1' into '2', and so on, change '1' into '11', '2' into '22'...or any other number you'd like. Higher value=better. Comment by Anonymous


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