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How to Change Blogger Template Without Deleting Widget

This tutorial will help you to change easily your current template without deleting widgets.

1. Create new blog. This is a test blog.

2. Upload your new template to test blog.

3. Go to Dashboard. Click to Layout of current blog (not new test blog) --> Edit HTML --> search for: <div id='sidebar'> copy all widget code between <div id='sidebar'> to </div>

5. Now Go again to Dashboard. Click Layout (at new test blog) --> edit HTML --> search for <div id='sidebar'> --> paste all widget code that you have copied. Put it between <div id='sidebar'> too

6. Save

7. Download and save full template of test blog

8. Upload to your current blog layout, and you get new layout without deleting widget
If you have any problem then just leave comment.


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